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Containers come in different sizes... 
so do children. 

Understanding the learning style of your child can provide a map to success and a key way to avoid frustration. Some children are more visual, others auditory, while still others learn best through tactile means. Children with weaknesses in one area can use their strengths to compensate. Teaching methods can be tailored to meet the needs of the child, and interventions can be targeting appropriately. Whether a child has a learning deficit, ADHD, processing weaknesses, or lacking internal motivation, with an good understanding of what makes a child "tick", any child can be successful. Psycho-educational testing provides the information, and information is power.

Some of the questions a psycho-educational evaluation can answer:

  • How does my child learn best?
  • Does my child have a learning disability?
  • Can my child’s school meet his educational and socio-emotional needs?
  • Why is my child struggling to make and maintain friendships?
  • Does my child have an attention deficit disorder?
  • What can I do to help my child experience more success when learning?
  • Is my child a little shy and nervous or should I be concerned about my child worrying?
  • My child doesn’t look at people when he talks and doesn’t have any friends. Could this be high functioning Autism or Asperger’s?

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