Beth A. Katz, Ph.D. "The Testerdoc"
Psycho-Educational and Gifted Testing
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Imagine if you had a child who...

  • Was happy and excited to go to school and came home in a good mood every day.

  • Finished their homework successfully without arguments and tears, and actually remembered to bring it to school the next day.

  • Beamed with confidence about themselves, their schoolwork, and their friends.

Let me help show you the way. Click HERE to learn more.

Are you tired of sending  
your child to school
​each day and worrying 
that it is going to be another 
​"bad" day?

Have you thought lately: 
Why does homework 
have to be a battle every night?"

Do you wish you were able 
to do more 
to help your child be successful? 

"I work with caring and committed parents and their children who are frustrated and struggling at home and at school, and are ready for answers so they can be happy and successful, and grow into the fabulous person they are meant to be."
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